Angular Architect

Nx Champion

Daniel Glejzner

🅰️ Angular Architect

🏆 Nx Champion

Angular Bros Co-Founder

Angular Wroclaw Organizer

Angular Space Host

Angular Hero of Community 2023

"Talk is cheap, show me the code" = Wrong.

Talk isn't cheap, it's the foundation.

Code builds the product, but teamwork and communication build the vision.

Together, we’re more than just lines of code. 🙌

Daniel’s work in the community is exceptional. He’s deeply rooted in the Angular community but he also looks beyond, pushing efforts in bridging various tech communities and bringing them closer.

This very much aligns with the mission at Nx and thus made him a great candidate for our Nx Champions program. We’re honored to have him on board.

Daniel is a formidable Angular Architect with a high level of expertise in Nx and DDD.

I’d go to war with him any day!

Daniel’s proactive leadership in the Angular community showcases his knack for execution.

From content creation to organizing meetups.

His actions speak volumes about his ability to lead and get things done.



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